Pissouri village is one of the most attractive and friendly villages in Cyprus, the south- facing village is set high up on the hillside, 1000 ft above sea level with a population of 1200 people, and commands the most magnificent view of over 20 miles of Mediterranean coastline. Pissouri bay is 3km down the road from the village with it's beautiful beach, water sports, tavernas and top class hotels, this is where the locals used to export their carobs and grapes to various parts of the world. Pissouri still is a working village of farmers where you will see vineyards and goat farms in abundance.
Many visitors to Pissouri describe it as a place where time has stood still, with the old men sitting outside the coffee shops with their worry beads playing backgammon and welcoming you as you walk past, this is what endears the visitors to this village, the fact that it has retained it's character and the people being so friendly.
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Gordon Honeycombe wrote a book about Pissouri calling it '' The edge of heaven " and judging by return visitors, there are a number of people that agree with him. No one seems to visit Pissouri but once.
Visitors can find almost anything they want in Pissouri - there are several shops and supermarkets, three banks, a bakery, post office, pharmacy, and a petrol station. There are many family-run tavernas, restaurants and bars to choose from, all serving food of exceptional quality.

Every Wednesday evening during the summer, there is a so called 'Cyprus night' in the lovely traffic free village square, with dancing and music. Although the idea is perhaps that it provides entertainment for the visitors to Pissouri, it is also true that a significant number of those present every week are the villagers themselves.
The highly recommended Varaka tavern in the village square on a 'Cyprus night' & Nicola contemplating how to tackle a fish pie